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The best relationships are built on trust.  That holds true in both personal and business dealings, including the leasing of property.  Integrity and honesty also pays dividends when you may need flexibility or special consideration from your property manager.

It begins with the application process, when the managing agent will investigate your credit, employment, references, and criminal background in some cases to determine whether you are a qualified candidate for the property.  Perfection is not the standard – so it’s better to be forthright about any issues that might be revealed during screening.  As an example, after the real estate market correction – screening standards were modified to place less weight on foreclosure as a reason to decline

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So let's say you are in one of the following three situations:

  1. You are a new landlord. Someone who has decided that renting out your home MAY be a better idea than selling it. 
  2. You have recently had a tenant move out after a number of years. You have updated the property and are looking to get it rented for the proper price.
  3.  You have a number of investment properties that you are considering. You would like to have a better idea of what they would rent for before you invest.

You want to know how much I should rent my house for? If you look online there are all sorts of automated tools and conflicting answers. You find the so-called "rental calculators" and "rent estimators", but the truth is that they have no way to take into

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A well-rounded offering of real estate services should include property management. It is important to serve the needs of homeowners who wish to rent out their property and to meet the housing needs of people who aren’t ready or positioned to buy a home. The Property Management Division at The Real Estate Group addresses those needs. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and value to our rental customers and clients including ongoing investments in the latest technology and training for our property managers and staff.

The Hampton Roads real estate market has a strong demand for rental housing. The large population of military and contractor personnel in the area ensures that there are always people who need rental properties

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Few things produce as much benefit to a landlord for the time invested as thorough vetting of potential tenants. The vast majority of payment issues landlords who self-manage encounter can be directly linked to accepting marginal or unqualified applicants. Being disciplined and consistent in evaluating tenant qualifications is key to minimizing the risk of non-payment and other issues after occupancy.

First, a word about fair housing: Above all else, landlords should ensure their qualification policy is consistent with fair housing law at the federal, state, and local level. The federal fair housing law identifies seven protected classes, but states and localities can add more. Washington D.C., for example, has 18 protected traits/categories

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Unforeseen repairs are one of the biggest property management headaches

One of the most common worries that people have about renting their home out and becoming a landlord is that inevitable late night call. The air conditioner no longer works. There's a water pipe that has broken that has caused damage to the home. There is a storm and there has been damage to the roof. Any one of these things can make you wish you sold your home rather than rented it out. At moments like this, it can be frustrating to be a landlord.

Of course, the most common worry when one of these calls comes in is, "how much is this going to cost me?" And money rightfully tops the list of our concerns. But there are other factors as well that enter into the picture. One of

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Formerly called the "Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act", SCRA was updated during the term of President George W. Bush to modernize protections the original 1940 law contained. The Act is intended to provide relief to military members from undue financial and contractual burdens that could affect their readiness and detract from the military mission. It covers a range of financial areas that could impact military members, including those related to leasing of rental property. Military members who lease residential property may terminate their lease under the protection of SCRA with appropriate notice provided they are: 1) transferring to a new duty location due to permanent change of station (PCS) orders; 2) separating from the service due to

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With a vigorous real estate sales market, far fewer properties are in foreclosure than during the “real estate bust” of ten years ago.  However, there are always situations that can render homeowners unable to service their mortgage debt.  When the property is occupied by tenants, there are practical and legal considerations regarding the impact of a foreclosure.

On May 24, 2018 the “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act” (PTFA) of 2009 was revived as part of a larger piece of legislation (the Dodd-Frank Amendments) after expiring in 2014.  The Act is designed to provide a buffer for tenants who live in property, pay rent as promised, and through no fault of their own become impacted by the landlord’s inability to service the mortgage. 

Prior to

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Real estate sales and single family rental markets tend to counterbalance each other.  When the sales market is “soft”, rental homes will usually be in higher demand and market times are shorter as a result.  Conversely, when the sales market is performing well, as it is at the moment, rental properties move more slowly.  Therefore landlords and property managers have to find ways to stimulate interest and be aggressive in their strategy to secure tenants quickly.  In a market like Hampton Roads, where average rent is $1400+ for a quality rental, buying becomes a viable alternative for well qualified prospects.

RENT REDUCTIONS - The low hanging fruit in any effort to get a tenant quickly is aggressive pricing.  Tenants are shopping to get the best

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The transition from homeowner to landlord can be an arduous one.  Renting a home you purchased for yourself and your family to strangers often becomes an emotional roller coaster.  To compound matters, the process is frequently coupled with the need to secure replacement housing, as in the case of a military move.  Handing off the rental process to a professional to lessen the stress is one reason people hire a property manager.  Whether you do the same or go it alone, there are some fundamental things to understand when you become a landlord which may require a change in mindset.

  1. Do it right - Make sure your property is in good condition.  Perform any needed maintenance and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward with prospective tenants. 
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