TREG Presents: David Knox LIVE at the Norfolk Marriott!

Close your eyes and imagine a life so full and so rich, that you didn’t mind turning away business that simply wasn’t a good fit for you. David Knox of David Kn...

TREG Presents: David Knox LIVE at the Norfolk Marriott! Close
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TREG Presents: David Knox LIVE at the Norfolk Marriott!

Posted by Gary Lundholm on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at 4:23pm.

Close your eyes and imagine a life so full and so rich, that you didn’t mind turning away business that simply wasn’t a good fit for you. David Knox of David Knox Productions, Inc. really gave our agents something to think about during September’s business meeting at the Waterside Marriott, and offered dozens of actionable takeaways to keep everyone inspired long after he left.

The bulk of David’s presentation focused on leads: how to get them, how to fight through any fear, and how much of a difference it all truly makes in the end. He said, “If you’re in the business of real estate, you have to have thick skin. The only other industries with this much rejection are politics and show business.” With that quote in mind, he stressed the importance of having to do the work to see results and was sure to remind us all that it really isn’t as painful as we worry it might be. With the right plan and open-ended questions at the ready, we can push ourselves out of the familiarity zone and really take things to the next level.

Not sure what to say when you’re prospecting? Here were a couple of David’s suggestions:

  • Of all your neighbors, which do you think will be the next to move? You could also sub in “co-workers” or “friends” in place of neighbors, by the way!

  • How much longer are you planning to stay in your current home?

Knowing we are all independent contractors, David recognized how difficult it is for many of us to juggle the real estate life on top of everything thing else: family, listing appointments, inspections… you get the idea. To cut through the noise, David suggested Time Blocking. Instead of working from your to-do list, work through color-coded sections of your calendar that has your to-do list built in. When you’re building out this calendar, lead with your personal time first, whether that’s a gym class at 5:00 in the morning or family dinner at 7:00. From there, chunk out admin time to give yourself a window to answer emails, and so on.

Part two of David’s presentation focused on listings. As it turns out, listings have a timeline of sorts to follow:

  • 1 week out: send your potential client a pre-listing package (if you need ideas for a personalized pre-listing package, be sure to check out TREG’s workshop!)

  • Assuming your listing appointment is at 6:00 PM, make sure you arrive in the neighborhood at 5:30 PM. Don’t knock on their door that early, but definitely take the time to absorb the neighborhood and take notes.

  • Precisely at 6:00 PM, knock on the door. Not a minute earlier, not a minute later. When you’re invited inside, use your manners. Take off your shoes, drink whatever you’re offered, and say thank you.

  • As things are just getting started, try to get them seated first and lead with the presentation instead of the tour. Of course you’ll be prepared with comps and analytics, but try to listen and get to know them before hitting them with the stats.

The final section of David’s presentation focused on commissions. This is always a hot topic and he did a fantastic job of making it all feel so easy. The most interesting part, in my opinion, was his suggestion to focus on the delta when you’re overcoming any objections about your commission. What does that mean? Let me explain:

  • Your commission rate is 6%

  • Your competitor’s rate is 5%

  • You need to explain the value you bring to the table to warrant that 1% (which is the delta)

The delta can be explained with stats that illustrate how many days your listings stay on the market, the per person productivity for our agents with TREG, or any way you add value to the process. At the end of the day, it’s important for you to know and believe that you’re a fantastic Realtor ®, and if they don’t list with you it’s okay because your next great client is just around the corner.

Many of the core values at TREG circle around community, building our collective IQ, and serving the agents by equipping them with the best tools. In the case of September’s business meeting, David Knox was a combination of all of the above and we couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity!

Gary Lundholm
The Real Estate Group

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