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Featured New Home Community:

Albemarle River Estates in Chesapeake VA

Abermarle River Estates in the southern Greenbrier section of Chesapeake VA offers residents lots that are designed to maximize their access to nature. From streams and forest lands, to nature preserves.. it is all here named for the Albemarle, Intracoastal Waterway which touches its border on the south, you can hear the boats quietly pass by and enjoy the streets that have more of a park like feel than a community of homes. 

With all of the nature and green space, you forget that shopping, desirable schools (Oscar Smith High School, Greenbrier Middle School, and Greenbrier Elementary), and boating and the Greenbrier Country Club are nearby and convenient. In many way you

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Why do people choose New Homes and New Construction over Existing Homes?

A common question that people have about new homes and new construction, is why do people choose one over the other. In other words, what are the advantages of new homes vs existing homes. And what might the advatages be for existing homes over new. As most homebuyers approach buying a home, they will often at least consider a new home and compare the alternatives. It is important to remember that each situation is unique, but here are some of the potential factors:

Potential Advantages for New Homes

  • Perceived Quality of Materials and Quality of Builder - If you are comfortable (and we recommend inspections to confirm that), with the craftsmanship of the builder, then
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Featured New Home Community: Briarmeade Estates in Carrolton

Are you in the market for a new home? Are you thinking that you would like something that is brand new and not just "new to you"? Today we are going to feature new homes in Briarmeade Estates in Carrolton.

Want the ultimate in new homes search? We invite you to visit .  Here you will find the latest new home listings throughout the entire Hampton Roads area. You will also find it easy to search by new home community to see the features, amenities and options available.  Hampton Roads has many options for new home buyers. Let on of our helpful new home specialists help you narrow down the options and assist you in making your new home dream a reality. 


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Are you looking to build a new home in the near future? 

Do you already have the perfect kitchen in mind and know exactly what you want? Are you just getting started in the process? Here are some of the latest trends that we are seeing local builders include in their kitchens:

Trend #1: Tile Backsplash 

The trend to use a decorative tile backsplash continues to be a popular one. This is an example of one built by A & B Building. This picture comes from The backsplash as pictured here can be a great way to add variety and contrast to the colors in a kitchen.

Trend #2: Granite or Quartz Countertops / Stainless Steel Appliances / Large Island

In this example from HAV, Inc builders we see a large rectangular island with

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New Home Plans : Are you planning to build in 2019?

Planning to build your home is a big decision. It is one of those life decisions that is complicated, involved and can be confusing. You NEED a home that fits the unique lifestyle for you and those you love. You WANT to have control of the process, to do do things your way. And you DESIRE the outcome of moving into a new home that your tribe will love.

If we put it into pictures, it is easy to visualize moving into your new home and everything being great. And often even the planning process in your mind's eye looks like this:

And yet when you start to approach the idea of building a brand new home, it is a daunting task. So many choices, decisions, deadlines and issues. Where to build?

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It's been almost a year since we discussed the benefits of building a new home - so we wanted to refresh your memory with some tips and ideas from one of our most popular posts! In a previous New Homes and Development entry, we spoke about the choices available for new homes: school choices and lot size choices, and the number of bedrooms/baths, etc.

In this entry, it's all about choices. Do you like having lots of choices, or is that too much to think about? If you’re not quite sure which side of the fence you sit in regards to making choices, here is a quick guide.

What is a Production or Tract Builder?

There are, in essence, two types of homebuilding for buyers to consider: “Production” or “Tract” building. Production builders are found in

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Depending on when you break ground on your new home, that might be the right time to start planning your new outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy it when you move into the house.

According to Kitchen & Bath Design News, “Residential architects are seeing increased demand for outdoor kitchens, as homeowners continue to explore new options for kitchen and bath products and features. Those are among the major findings from the American Institute of Architects’ ‘Home Design Trends Survey’ for the fourth quarter of 2016.”

No longer wanting that rusty, burned grill sitting in the backyard with an ice chest and a picnic table next to it; Americans are looking to upgrade their outdoor living options with something they can enjoy throughout the year.

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Are you trying to decide between buying a newly constructed home and an existing home? They each have unique good points, but today we are sharing seven reasons why your next home should be a new home.

“Yes, older homes tend to have more character than new construction, from unique architectural features to lovable little nooks. But what looks charming is often not practical,” wrote Pat Setter, of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Gone are the days of cookie cutter communities where everything looked identical. “While it used to be the case that new home builders constructed seas of homogeneous boxes that looked like large garages with small homes attached – many of today's new home communities possess the character and variety of an established

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Chances are you’ll need a down payment to buy your new home unless you’re eligible for a VA loan. While the down payment is deducted from your loan amount, it can still be a serious amount to save. The best part of a down payment is it represents your beginning equity in the house and property.

Hal M. Bundrick, of, said, “Most lenders are looking for 20% down payments. That’s $60,000 on a $300,000 home…With 20% down, lenders will love you more. First off, you’ll have a better chance of getting approved for a loan. And you’ll earn a better mortgage interest rate.” has an online down paymentcalculator if you need help figuring out how the down payment translates to your home price and monthly payments.


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We’ve highlighted points in a previous post about choosing the neighborhood that’s right for your new home. Today, we’re going to talk about some community features to consider as well, before ground is even broken on your new home.

Sally Forster Jones of U.S. News Real Estate, said, “It’s helpful to begin your search with at least a general sense of your values, needs and priorities. Are you looking for something urban, suburban or more off the beaten path? Do you value privacy and quiet over being in the center of all the action, or vice versa?”

It may be worthwhile to make an actual list of this information because it’ll be necessary to share with your real estate agent. In getting started, Jones advised, “Take time to explore each

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