Quick and Inexpensive Quarantine Home Improvement Ideas

During these times where we are quarantined due to Covid-19, some of us may be searching for things to keep us busy. The extra time on our hands allows us to chec...

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Quick and Inexpensive Quarantine Home Improvement Ideas

Posted by Eric Blackwell on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 2:23pm.

During these times where we are quarantined due to Covid-19, some of us may be searching for things to keep us busy. The extra time on our hands allows us to check off some of the "to-do" list items that we haven’t had the chance to get around to due to our regular busy schedules. Even if you’re in the position where you may not have the extra time or budget to tackle a larger home improvement project, there are still projects you can take on that are time and cost efficient. Here are a few ideas that can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively.

Furniture Updates

Stripping and restaining or painting a chair, end table, or other piece of furniture is something that is quick, relatively inexpensive, and when completed gives an immense amount of satisfaction. A new color can brighten and lift the mood of a room as well as make other interior decor "pop".

Blinds and Window Treatments

Aside from making a trip to the local home improvement store, there are several blind and window treatment online shops that will provide low cost solutions to brighten a room, many even offer guarantees that the blinds will fit to your satisfaction. Most of these blinds are fairly easy to install and create a great impact on your living space. 

Pro-tip: Not sure about selecting the right window treatment for your room? Not to worry. Most of these websites actually have staff online to help you with selecting one!

Create the Home Office Space You Need

This may as much of a neccesity as a home improvement idea these days. Whether you have an extra bedroom that you are using as an office, or if you simply have a corner or part of a room that you are dedicating as your office space, now is the time to make it functional. A simple small desk and some small shelves (and maybe a coat of paint or stain to make it accent the surroundings?) can be the difference between feeling like you are out of place working at home and instead feeling more comfortable and efficient. 

Home Gym Time

Another low cost quick home improvement can be to create a space for a home gym. With us currently not able to visit our local gyms, we still need to have a space at home for this to happen. How and where to do this varies widely depending on your home and the space available. 
It can be as simple as moving the equipment from your garage into your room or could involve actually building a dedicated space in your home for it. The bottomline is that it needs to work for you and those who live with you. A gym space at home that creates noise will not likely be appropriate if it is next to a room where others are sleeping. The garage may provide the distance that you need but not be suitable when it is cold. The key is to make it functional.

Painting an Accent Wall or Room

One of the most inexpensive and easy home improvement projects is to paint an accent wall or a room. This generally can be accomplished quickly and provides a big return in terms of brightening the look and feel of a space. It really is amazing how big of a difference it makes!

Floating Shelves or other Wall Storage

Home improvement stores carry a number of options for floating shelves or other wall based built in storage solutions that can be quickly installed and look great as well as being functional. A quick visit to a home improvement store website can provide you the inspiration you need. Contrasting colors to the paint on your walls draws visitors' eyes to these features in your room and can make the room feel bigger and more organized.

There are plenty of things to do!

During quarantine, there is no reason to be bored! There are so many quick and relatively inexpensive ways to improve your home and give yourself a sense of accomplishment at the same time! Have other ideas? Let us know!


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