New Construction Home Buying Tips

New Construction Home Buying Tips  While there are a lot of similarities between buying an existing  home and new construction, this blog post will help you wi...

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New Construction Home Buying Tips

Posted by Eric Blackwell on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 at 12:01pm.

New Construction Home Buying Tips 

While there are a lot of similarities between buying an existing  home and new construction, this blog post will help you with some specific tips that apply to new construction. Here is a preview in bullet form of what is below:

  • How the buying process of a New Home is different
  • How negotiating new construction is different
  • Questions to Ask a Builder
  • What to Look for in a New Home Community
  • Do I Need a REALTOR to buy a new home?
  • Do I Need an Inspection on a new home

The New Homes Buying Process

Whether you are buying a new or existing home, you always want to start by arming yourself with all the education and information that you can and then follow that up with making sure that you have the money available to buying (think pre-approval from lenders, and down payment saved up, etc.)

As part of the next step, we recommend contacting a top local REALTOR. Ideally one that is a specialist in working with new homes. The Real Estate Professional you choose should know about MANY of the local new home communities and builders. Question them about the plusses and minuses of different locations as well as the qualities, floor plans available and reputations of the local builders. 

Want to see an impressive list of new home communities in the area? Visit It is our website exclusively for New Homes and New Construction. You can find a large number of the area's finest new home communities and it is a great place to start your research. At, we provide you insight into the new home community and an easy way to find homes for sale. That said, one of our new homes specialist will be happy to provide you more in depth information about the communities in the area. They have a vast understanding of the local real estate market and how each new home community fits into the overall market.

Working with a REALTOR can greatly accelerate the process of your research. Remember that unlike an existing home, when you purchase a new home, often you are relying on a builder's reputation and the amenities of a new home community that may not be built yet rather than simply going to a home and inspecting it. 

It is probably important to add that researching a building is often not the most fun part of building a new home, but it is one of the most important. You must be comfortable with the capacity of the builder to complete your project, to respond to your requests, and to be a good fit with your personality as well as the quality of their work. Look online for reviews as well. It is pretty quick and easy to google a builder and you will find out a lot about them.

Questions for Builders

Becauase it is so important that builders and new homes buyers are comfortable with each other, you will find that builders and buyers ask a lot of questions of each other. Your TREG new homes specialist can be a great help with this. They know the questions to ask and also will make sure to capture the answers in writing. Getting everything in writing is important since your new home starts out on paper. 

Speaking of important items that new home buyers often overlook, inspections are something that are just as important with new homes as they are with existing homes. Knowing that your home was built right and that there are no issues is important. An inspection gives you independent confirmation that this is the case. So yes, you need an inspection. 

How We Can Help You With A New Home Purchase

Let's say you call one of our associates on .  As they work with you to negotiate prices with a builder, their experience can be a GREAT benefit. Here is one quick example:

Rather than try to negotiate the price down (which is what often happens with existing homes), they have the experience to know that builders are often more flexible to ADD amenities and upgrades rather than reduce prices. With their expertise, you can structure the negotiation in a way to often get far more home for your money and truly add value to your new home. 

This is just one of a number of ways that we are here to help. The Real Estate Group's New Home Specialists work with a number of the best builders in the area and can assist you with virtually any new home / new construction purchase. 

Let's have a conversation today about your goals and dreams. If a new home is in your future, let us help you make that a reality.



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