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If you’re in the market to buy or sell your home, chances are you know a thing or two about what’s happening in the economy. At The Real Estate Group, market trends are wildly important to us, and we empower our agents with this information at our Market Matters class held routinely throughout the year.

To take this knowledge to the next level, we had a special guest speaker at our October business meeting. Chief Economist Greg Grootendorst delivered a fantastic presentation and sorted the information first from a global perspective and filtered it all the way down to our regional market.

Among the pages and pages of notes and ideas we took away from his presentation, we learned some interesting facts. For example, did you know that what happens

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We love the long sunny days and the feeling like we want to take advantage of every fun thing there is to do in Hampton Roads. While the heat has been a little much lately, we can’t help but think about what we want to be doing this weekend, this upcoming week, and pretty much every day to squeeze all the fun we can get out of summer!

We realized that there are a lot of activities and things to do around Hampton Roads that we consider essential to a successful summer. Sometimes the lull of summer boredom can strike, but just take a look at these key Hampton Roads summer activities and get inspired!

1. Farmer’s Markets

We have them all over the seven cities, and they are the perfect place to get the freshest produce, local meats,

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Local bookworms might know the best-kept literary secret in Norfolk is the Book Exchange at Wards Corner. It’s been a winner in the bookstore, “New or Used,” category in “The Best of Hampton Roads,” contest for 10 years.

For any avid reader, it’s easy to accumulate books. What do you do with them after they’ve been read? Do they sit on a bookshelf somewhere while you admire them as they gather dust? The Book Exchange makes it easy to deal with your ever-growing collection of books by allowing you to trade them in for store credit.

When items come in to be traded, the store’s staff gives trade credit for the items they accept, which includes books, DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, vinyl records, music cassette tapes, and audiobooks. What the store takes

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Did you know Norfolk is home to its very own automobile reality television show on the Velocity Channel? You’ve probably even driven past the facility, near Old Dominion University and not given the simple-looking building a second thought.

DRS Automotive FantomWorks, or just “FantomWorks,” as the Velocity channel calls it, can provide any part or service for your classic automobile, or even that full restoration for which you’ve been saving! The shop opened in 2006, and the show started in 2013. Short’s shop was “discovered" by Nicolas Valcours of New Dominion Pictures, who brought Peter Rees, the creator of “Myth Busters,” and the show was ultimately picked up by Discovery Velocity.

“I fell in love with my first car when I was 5. I was born in

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Are you ready for the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017?

That's the day a total solar eclipse will be visible, within a band, across the entire contiguous United States. The event will begin on the Oregon coast as a partial eclipse, at 9:06 AM PDT (12:06 PM EST), ending as a partial eclipse in Charleston, SC, at 4:06 PM EST.

According to Virginia Beach Public Libraries, onlookers in Hampton Roads will get a partial view of the eclipse, starting at 1:21 PM, peaking at 2:47 PM and ending at 4:06 PM.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, totally or partially obscuring the image of the sun for people on Earth. When it's a total solar eclipse, all direct sunlight will be blocked, turning day into darkness.

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When families buy new homes, it’s not uncommon to start filling them with new furniture, especially if their new houses are larger than their previous. The same goes for their new garages. They aren't buying only tools. Sometimes, it’s also new vehicles.

July is “Women’s Motorcycle Month.” Many women want to strike out on their own, hitting the open road on their motorcycles and going where it leads them.

In 1915, Effie Hotchkiss and her mother, Avis, rode from New York City to San Francisco and back. It was the first cross-country motorcycle trip for a woman in history. 

In those days, a cross-country ride was very rare for either gender, so it was an extraordinary expedition for a young woman and her mother. Effie wanted to see the

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Even with miles of beaches and shorelines here in Hampton Roads, kids will still claim boredom this summer. To keep that from happening, check out our list of fun, family-friendly summertime events in Hampton Roads. It’ll help keep them entertained and it’ll be family time that’s well spent!


Creative Writing Classes & Camps for Kids & Teens

Now through Monday, Aug. 7

The Muse Writers Center, 2200 Colonial Ave., Ste. #3

The Muse Writers Center is excited to offer several great classes and creative writing camps this upcoming summer 2017 for young writers (ages 7-8 and 9-11) and teen writers (ages 12-17). Advance registration is required for all courses, and the registration period is now open. For more information, visit The Muse

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The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1-November 30. The time to start planning for a possible storm is now. If you wait until a hurricane is coming, you might only have a day or two to get ready. Many disasters allow no time for people to gather even the most necessities, which is why planning is essential.

Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work and in the car.

A basic emergency supply kit could include the following recommended items:

  • Water: 1 gallon of water per person per day, for at least 3 days, for drinking and sanitation
  • Food: at least a 3-day supply of non-perishable food, per person
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio
  • NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
  • Flashlight and extra
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If you’re new to Norfolk, or to the Ocean View area, and you’re looking for something to do this summer, free concerts on the Chesapeake Bay will soon start.

Ocean View Beach Park is located at the end of Granby Street at Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk. The 6.5-acre beach park is considered the jewel of Ocean View. It has a large band shell for presentations and dancing, a beach with lifeguards in the summer, a boardwalk, beach handicap access ramp, and lots of open green spaces. Parking is available on-site and across the street. And when the concerts are over, there are some nearby restaurants to check out.

Between June 30-August 25, families can enjoy live performances from local and regional bands every Friday night, at the TGOV Beach Music

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Star Wars Day, May 4, celebrates the movie franchise created by George Lucas. The date was chosen for the easy pun on the movie quote, "May the Force be with you," as, "May the Fourth be with you."

Observed by fans, the “holiday” spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations. Although the holiday wasn’t created or declared by Lucasfilm, many Star Wars fans across the world, including those in Hampton Roads, can celebrate the holiday tomorrow.

On Thursday, May 4 at 7:30 PM, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and Benjamin Rous, Resident Conductor, will take the audience at Chrysler Hall to a galaxy far, far away in a concert of Jedi proportions, by performing original music from the iconic motion picture series. Guests will be able to

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