Easy Home Staging Tips to Help Your Home Sell

Quick and Low Cost Home Staging At The Real Estate Group, we have hundreds and hundreds of homes listed at any given time. This means that we see the best home...

Easy Home Staging Tips to Help Your Home Sell Close
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Easy Home Staging Tips to Help Your Home Sell

Posted by Eric Blackwell on Monday, July 8th, 2019 at 7:41am.

Quick and Low Cost Home Staging

At The Real Estate Group, we have hundreds and hundreds of homes listed at any given time. This means that we see the best home staging "quick fixes" and how well they work to help homes sell. Are you ready for some low cost staging tips that will boost the attractiveness and salability of your home? Here are some of the favorite best practices. Enjoy!

Quick Staging Tip 1: De-personalize your space  - Walk through your home and look for any thing that would give away who you are, your age, or anything about you. Your personal preferences and styles may have a surprisingly dramatic impact on the number of people who are excited to buy your home. A quick coat of paint in a room or otherwise "neutralizing" the space to just what people want can go a long way.

Quick Staging Tip 2: Lighting tweaks. - If your home is dark, add "bright white" light bulbs or 3k bulbs to add extra light and open up the space. This is a great quick fix that adds a feel of more square footage to small spaces.

Quick Staging Tip 3: Replace Electrical Covers - Yellowed outlet and light switch plates are really cheap, quick and easy to replace. It sounds almost too simple but an hour spent and $30 replacing these throughout the house will often yield the highest returns on your investment.

Quick Staging Tip 4: Clear off ALL surfaces - Countertops, Tabletops, Shelves, etc all need to only have a BARE minimum of items on them. This costs a little bit of time but it makes a huge difference. Want proof? Take a picture of a cluttered countertop. Then TOTALLY clean it off and take another picture. The difference is amazing! Note: This includes the bathroom. All personal items (razors, toothbrushes, and etc) should be stowed out of sight).

Quick Staging Tip 5: Remove Furniture if the space is crowded. - You want the amount of furniture to be scaled properly with the available space. As the saying goes, "less is more".  Most homes that we live in everyday have more furniture that what homes that are ideally staged have.

Quick Staging Tip 6: Glaze or Refinish Tile Surfaces.  -  This can be an amazing solution for those homes that have older or discolored tile and limited budgets. It can be done inexpensively as a DIY project if you are handy OR you can hire it done as well. A few hours and a small budget can make dirty grout lines and aged or dated tile colors quickly become more up to date!

Quick Staging Tip 7: Update Window treatments - There is nothing that catches the eye quite as much as light. And when it is coming in through a window, it draws the attention of buyers EVERY time. So a few bucks and a few minutes spent installing blinds that are complimentary to your home and up to date in style can make a huge difference!

Quick Staging Tip 8: Make your bed, add pillows, shams and extra splashes of color. A few bucks spent at the local store can be a huge thing in terms of making your bedroom look "put together". Remember than when people are looking at your home, they are visualizing themselves living there. You want them to think of things like "warm, inviting, luxury, upgrade, etc". This does not take much to help someone fall in love with your home.

Bonus Quick Staging Tip: Deep clean.  - It often goes without saying, but it shouldn't! Deep cleaning is a GREAT investment. Even if you hire someone to do it, getting all of the little details of your home clean will make a good home show like a great home and a great home sparkle. Time to really polish and clean all of the little things.

Get Specific Home Staging Advice for Your Home

Each of the above tips have been used successfully by homeowners to get more out of the sale of their home. Small investments of time and money can yield big returns by getting homes sold more quickly and higher offers than they would have otherwise received. The key to these home staging tips is to make a list as you are preparing to sell your home. Talk to your TREG Associate about which of these staging tips will have the best impact for your specific home and what others they would recommend. (They have a LOT of good advice that comes from years of experience.) They are happy to assist you. 

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