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So let's say you are in one of the following three situations:

  1. You are a new landlord. Someone who has decided that renting out your home MAY be a better idea than selling it. 
  2. You have recently had a tenant move out after a number of years. You have updated the property and are looking to get it rented for the proper price.
  3.  You have a number of investment properties that you are considering. You would like to have a better idea of what they would rent for before you invest.

You want to know how much I should rent my house for? If you look online there are all sorts of automated tools and conflicting answers. You find the so-called "rental calculators" and "rent estimators", but the truth is that they have no way to take into

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Homes for Sale with Deep Water Access

 Looking for a home on the water where you have deep water access (whether your property is riverfront, bayfront or oceanfront? Here are some our featured deep water access listings.

Would you like to browse virtually all of the deep water access homes? We have built page on our website that is a perfect starting point for your home search. Go HERE and you will see virtuallly ALL of the current listings with deep water access. Being able to see them all in one place online makes finding the perfect one for you quicker and easier.  

You can find waterfront homes by area as well!

Are you looking for a specific area of Hampton Roads and want to find a waterfront home there? Our websites has pages of

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When chatting with a friend recently, she was cleaning out her home. Her criteria for deciding what would be kept versus what would "go" was "Does it bring me joy?". I was intrigued by this.

The whole premise was that you keep the things that bring you joy , and life is simply to short to live among the things that don't. My friend looked at a number of items in her home and said "This is ok, but out in the world there is someone way more passionate about this than I am? In their hands this item would flourish. In mine it will just be here. Can I find someone like that?" What if we took the same approach to managing a rental home or property?

Below is a list of most of the tasks that you have to accomplish as a landlord. Are you passionate about all

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Hampton Roads is home to a wide selection of waterfront luxury condominiums. You can choose from oceanfront beaches or ocean views, and each condo will have your choice of amenities and lifestyles. Below are some of our featured listings in Ocean Park, an area of Virginia Beach with outstanding views and amenities. 


See condos across ALL of Hampton Roads

Each week new luxury condominiums are listed in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and greater Hampton Roads real estate markets. Even if you are just starting to think about owning a second home, a vacation condo, or even purchasing one of these condos as a short term rental investment, take a look at the latest on the market! 

Also if you would like to see a showcase of all the luxury homes that the

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Looking for a home for your horse? Hampton Roads offers a number of boarding facilities with a number of amenities. Here are a few boarding farms for horses located here in Hampton Roads. Note that each caters to different breeds and has facilities for everything from hunting and jumping to pleasure, to trail rides. Whatever you (and your horse) are into, the Hampton Roads offers a selection of boarding, riding and training options to suit your needs.

Natural Partners LLC - Here is their Facebook Page. They offer boarding and training in a family-centered environment according to their site.

Breeze N Farms -  Here is their Facebook Page. They are a 12-acre farm located in the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area. They have 2 sand riding rings, 1 with

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Every day, there are a large number of homeowners in Hampton Roads who need or want to rent out their home, but who are unsure whether to manage it themselves or to hire a property management company.  There are also a large number of private landlords who have previously self managed their rentals, who choose to reconsider, electing instead to work with a professional manager to mitigate the time, cost, and risk in today’s complex rental environment.

Time, Money, and Risk - The 3 Main Factors

When you list out the tasks that you have to do to manage a property, you can add right after them either time, money, or risk..and in some cases all three that it will require you to manage a rental home properly.

  • Marketing and
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Core Logic Report Documents Declining "Typical Mortgage Payment" in recent months 

In a newly released Core Logic report, mortgage payments in 2019 have so far declined, opening the door to increased demand for homes. In a real estate marketplace, demand for homes often shows up two ways: When we see increased sale prices for homes, and simultaneously see increased numbers of homes being sold, we can conclude that factors are favorable for demand to be on the rise.

According to the report, Last November the Typical Mortgage Payment (principle and interest costs) had climbed 17% year over year. That changed dramatically over the next five months as reducing interest rates caused the typical mortgage payment to drop by 1.0% while during the same time

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golf courses and communities in Hampton Roads

There are quite a number of country clubs / golf communities in Hampton Roads. There are some amazing courses with all different sorts of amenities. As you plan your next move, finding the right community for you is an important step.  

How to find the right golf community for you.

Step one would be to make a list of your "must have" amenities. These are the essentials that are the reasons you are searching to live in these exclusive communities in the first place. With that in hand, it is time to visit our luxury homes site, and a section reserved exclusively for golf community homes, where you can browse through the communities, see the homes and become familiar with the amenities, the lifestyle and the "feel" in each of

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Who builds your home is important.

If you visit you will see a page where we feature selected builders from all around Hampton Roads. This page lets you drill down into not only the builders and the types of homes they specialize in, but also the New Home Communities that they are a part of and a little bit about them. We do this so that you have a place to start your planning process to find the perfect person for you to build your home. 

Our Featured Builder Page is a great place to start.

If you visit the featured builders page linked above, you will see this:


Clicking on each of these links will take you to both a little bit about our featured builders but also to examples of the new homes that they have listed.

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Hampton Roads and Coastal North Carolina are blessed with some amazing waterfront views. In many of the areas we have quick access to the water, and calming waterscape views that make sunrises and sunsets special here. For many people searching for a home, they would like to know if a home has an ocean view or a view of the bay, or other waterfront view before they schedule a showing.

For those looking for a quick idea which of these amenities comes with each home, let's visit If you go there and look at any of the available listings, you can see not only what type of view the home has (Riverfront, Ocean front, Bay) but you can also see what kind of boat access and other waterfront specific amenities it has:


This makes it

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