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Due to the current environment, more people than ever are working from home. The likelihood  that people are creating home office spaces where they never thought they would need to is high. Many do not have the luxury of simply converting a spare bedroom into an office, but have had to be more creative. Here are some new home office ideas that we have seen lately.

Use the corner of a room for an office

Using only a piece of a room helps conserve space and can provide a productive environment for work. A corner of a living room, bedroom, or other room with a simple desk, and some storage for books and papers can be just what you need. Converting these areas into a work space is usually very inexpensive and can be done in a very short amount of

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Searching and finding the perfect home for your situation can be an adventure even during “normal” times. With the uncertainty and limited inventory on the market these days, it can be much tougher to find “a” home, much less “ the” home. So what is a home buyer to do? How can they help improve their odds in today’s reduced inventory market? Here are a few tips for successful home buying in this environment.

Be prepared

One of the things that you can do to make the process easier is to first get prepared to buy. Meet with a lender and get pre-approved. This step lets you write an offer right away when you find a home that you love rather than waiting to see if you are approved once you have already gone to the home. If you wait, by the time

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Let's face it, this is one of the most unique Mother's Days that we have had in a while. You may not be able to go shopping. And while flowers and chocolate are great, they are gone shortly after Mother's Day is over. How about a more unique idea for Mom?  If she lives close, and you have a little bit of time to plan, there are a lot of quick cleaning / makeover options available.

Let's Start with Step 1: Cleaning

If your mom lives close, and you can get to her home, then the gift of clean up or organizing, while not extravigant is something that may the perfect gift idea for her. Other cleaning suggestions might be the gift of a hired cleaning service to help her out when that becomes available.

Along this same line of thought is the gift of

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The warmer weather plus being at home more than usual offer many people the chance to boost the curb appeal of their homes. There are quite a few ways to boost the curb appeal (and value of your home) that are quick, relatively easy, and surprisingly affordable!

Clean (and Fix) Gutters

This is something that is likely on everyone’s “to do “ list after Winter. After checking on your gutters to make sure that they are in good condition, you can fix any that are needing some attention. From the street, it’s surprising to see how easily you can notice gutter issues on your home. 

Break Out The Power Washer

A power washer can accomplish multiple curb appeal projects at once. A one day power washer rental can provide a huge curb appeal upgrade

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During these times where we are quarantined due to Covid-19, some of us may be searching for things to keep us busy. The extra time on our hands allows us to check off some of the "to-do" list items that we haven’t had the chance to get around to due to our regular busy schedules. Even if you’re in the position where you may not have the extra time or budget to tackle a larger home improvement project, there are still projects you can take on that are time and cost efficient. Here are a few ideas that can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively.

Furniture Updates

Stripping and restaining or painting a chair, end table, or other piece of furniture is something that is quick, relatively inexpensive, and when completed gives an immense amount of

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Despite the fact that we’re living in uncertain times dealing with Covid-19  and it’s changed how we do business, the fact remains that homes are continuing to be bought and sold. In the last month, hundreds of homes in The Real Estate Group alone have been listed or are pending home sales. 

So, how are we doing it? Is there some magic secret? Actually no. Our TREG REALTORS® and the staff that back them up along with Title Companies and Mortgage professionals are working hard to take care of clients. The truth of it is that real estate can be safely transacted while following all guidelines for social distancing.

We are actively working with clients, listing and selling homes, and helping buyers find the home of their dreams everyday. 

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Right now there sure seems to be a lot of uncertainty going on in the world. And yet, despite the things we are not sure of when we look around Hampton Roads we are certainly seeing some good things happening. If there is one thing that will help us get through uncertain times it is good things that we can be certain of.

So here are some examples of everyday Virginians living life in Hampton Roads who are doing some certainly good things.

Mobile Birthday Wishes

In Hampton, a local woman named Frances Lucido was given the ultimate birthday surprise over this past weekend. Her family knew they couldn’t celebrate in a traditional way this year due to social distancing requirements, but they had something very creative up their sleeve. 35

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Design trends are often shifted when there are large events that change how we live. The Covid-19 Pandemic is an example of that. Almost overnight, it has changed how many of us work. Home Offices have gained a lot of popularity over the past decade, so much so that home stagers often chose to change a bedroom into a home office. This trend has accelerated dramatically with Covid-19 and many people are now being required to work from home.

A lot of people now have the need to convert extra rooms or corners into an office space that is productive and efficient. Here are some ways to make your home office as effective as possible!

Color Choices: Warm vs Cool

One of the first things to consider when trying to set up your home office is the color

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This has been one of the main questions that have been asked to The Real Estate Group (TREG) Associates in the past few days. One of the things that we want to assure you is, YES, you can list and sell during this time! Our agents are trained to market your home and will use every method needed to get it exposure.

That said, things are changing constantly and there are considerations you may need to take into account. Here are some examples: People looking to buy right now likely have the immediate need for a new home. Some areas of the market that were very inventory constrained may now have an influx of buyers, and on the contrary, some areas may be slower. Some questions you may want to consider could be: Is your home ready for the market? What

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Moving is stressful for us. It is also stressful for our pets. Dogs and cats pick up on our stress as well as the stress of their own. So here are some ways to reduce the level of stress on your dog or cat during a move. Also included are some tips to help protect them during the move.

Get new collar tags that have your new address.

Many pets get anxious during a move to a new home and may try to run away in the first days in the new surroundings. With many new smells and sounds,  if they do run away they may have less of an idea of where to come back to, and are more likely to get lost, which is why having tags with your correct address and contact information is very important. Make sure that they have their new tags on BEFORE the move so that

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