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This weekend on October 6th, the 6th annual JT Walk and Beach Party will once again be underway. Come join in on the action to benefit ALS research and JT’s camp Grom. Originally held at the Botanical Gardens, this annual walk has grown to such proportions that it relocated to the ocean front in Virginia Beach to accommodate the ever-growing attendance. What once was a group of 12 walkers has become a nationally recognized event with over 30,000 walkers participating over the past 5 years. Since 2007, the JT Walk has raised over $6 million for stem cell research, ALS patient services and the creation of JT’s Grommet Island Beach Park & Playground for EveryBODY.  Along with the walk there will be plenty of food and fun to be had for children and

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fall banner

Ah, autumn - comfy sweaters, pumpkins, beautiful foliage, apple cider, bonfires --it’s a wonderful time of year and Hamptons Roads is host to some great fall festivals and activities that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

Virginia Beach:

From September 27-29th you can join in on the fun of the Virginia Beach’s 40th annual Neptune Festival which will include art shows, boat races, an 8k race, sand sculpture contests, and much, much more!

From September 28th -November 1st - The Fall Harvest Fair, hosted by Hunt Club Farm, will feature Virginia Beach’s largest pumpkin patch. Come and pumpkin hunt as well as enjoy an array of activities provided that will be sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

For the adults, October 19-20thVirginia

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saving money

Saving money can be challenging especially when spending money is so much fun. However, finding yourself in insurmountable debt, or financial ruin isn't really any fun either. Most of us are aware of the common ways to save money: eating out less, putting a little aside each week, collecting change, etc. But, there are some more creative ways to keep to a budget or encourage frugal living.

Delete your credit/debit card number from online shopping stores.

Seriously, how easy does the Internet make spending all of your money these days? One click and you've racked up a sizable bill for yourself without even a moment of hesitation. Having your card number saved into an online store's database is dangerous for your wallet, so make sure you've erased

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There is still time to enjoy some of the remaining gorgeous days before the chill of Autumn sets in.  What better way to spend a beautiful afternoon than a day on the golf course? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer looking for a few tricks to improve your game, there are scores of tips you can use to either help you get started or improve your game. Even the most minor changes can make a big difference in your game.

For Beginners:

Maybe you’ve heard of this “golf” everyone keeps talking about and wonder what all of the fuss is about. As a beginner there are few key tips you can use to get yourself started.

1. Don’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on golfing equipment (a golf bag, golf shoes, golf clubs etc.).

There is a

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It only took a single look and your heart melted. You now can’t imagine your life without that furry (or less furry) little creature. Each day will now be filled with loving affection from your new best friend. Along with the clean-up, possible walks, feeding, watering, bedding, fencing, vaccines, and neutering’s/spaying’s that comes with it. Oh, the joys of owning a pet. Advice may vary depending on the type of pet you plan to adopt, but we can all agree that owning a pet is a pretty big responsibility. There are few things you should know to help you prepare for your new pal and things to keep in mind as you choose the best pet for you.

Preparation is really key for a successful entrance of any new-coming pet. Whether it is a dog, cat, or python

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better you

The month of September has been dedicated to many things (One of the most interesting being that September is International Square Dancing Month), but we have selected one theme in particular we all have at one point or another pondered on: Self-improvement. Yes, September is “Self-Improvement Month”.  Whether it’s breaking bad habits, eating better, getting organized, or simply improving your outlook on life, it’s pretty safe to say we all have our own personal goals of self-improvement. It can seem a little challenging to get started once you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf, but we have found some tips that will help give you an some ideas about how and where to start on your new path to a better you.

Self-improvement includes a very wide range

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organizing header

“A cluttered desk; a cluttered mind” is how the old saying goes. The same could probably be said for a cluttered closet. Organizing can be a daunting, especially when you’ve procrastinated for a long period of time as you’ve watched the amount of clutter slowly increase in size until it’s taken on it own entity. So, if you are longing to rid yourself of your messy ways and avoid being featured on an episode of “Hoarders”, we have listed a few ways to help get you started on your more orderly path. Organizing is also a great way to gear yourself up for a great start to the new school year. 

Your bedroom is a place of solace and comfort. However, disorganization can make simple tasks take twice as long. Our bedrooms often times become the “catch-all”

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Weekend Getaway

Summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for a quick get-away. Perhaps you are in need of a short vacation just before the school season begins. You don’t have to travel far and wide for a wonderful weekend get-away. There are some great destinations nearby that would make for a lovely little vacation.

Colonial Williamsburg:

Historic and beautiful, Colonial Williamsburg is a unique and even educational get-away. Experience the rich history of the colonial town and enjoy all the fun, interesting attractions there. Williamsburg does not disappoint when it comes to offering an array of activities and museums.

Watch re-enactments of the Revolutionary War; visit the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum or the Abby Aldrich

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One of the most significant developments since the McArthur Center opening in 1999 is beginning to take shape in Norfolk.  The Simon Property Group has made an offer on a piece of real estate located near the Norfolk International Airport which now accommodates a portion of Lake Wright Golf Course.  Little information is known about the development at this point, but it was stated that it has the potential to provide approximately 800 to 1,000 retail jobs and 200 construction jobs.  The company has found previous success in Northern Virginia, Las Vegas, and Florida while also being a major employment contributor in the areas of their prior developments. Controversy, however, has risen in light of the elimination of an undetermined portion of the

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Looking for a fun event to attend this weekend? Why not enjoy a good time while helping your local community? Food Trucks Fostering Change is a fundraiser sponsored by the Barry Robinson Center to benefit their Therapeutic Foster Care Program.  This event is FREE, open to the public and will feature music, arts and crafts, free admission to the Hermitage Museum, and an array of delicious food from local food truck vendors. Ten-percent of all food truck sales will be donated to the Therapeutic Foster Care Program. Come out and support a great cause this Sunday from 11am-2pm at the Hermitage Museum. It’s bound to be a blast for the whole family!

Visit the event on Facebook or watch this video from The Hampton Roads Road Show. The event was also featured

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