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Every day, there are a large number of homeowners in Hampton Roads who need or want to rent out their home, but who are unsure whether to manage it themselves or to hire a property management company.  There are also a large number of private landlords who have previously self managed their rentals, who choose to reconsider, electing instead to work with a professional manager to mitigate the time, cost, and risk in today’s complex rental environment.

Time, Money, and Risk - The 3 Main Factors

When you list out the tasks that you have to do to manage a property, you can add right after them either time, money, or risk..and in some cases all three that it will require you to manage a rental home properly.

  • Marketing and
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Core Logic Report Documents Declining "Typical Mortgage Payment" in recent months 

In a newly released Core Logic report, mortgage payments in 2019 have so far declined, opening the door to increased demand for homes. In a real estate marketplace, demand for homes often shows up two ways: When we see increased sale prices for homes, and simultaneously see increased numbers of homes being sold, we can conclude that factors are favorable for demand to be on the rise.

According to the report, Last November the Typical Mortgage Payment (principle and interest costs) had climbed 17% year over year. That changed dramatically over the next five months as reducing interest rates caused the typical mortgage payment to drop by 1.0% while during the same time

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New Homes in Elizabeth City

Starting Under $200K

Tooley Harbor & Creekside Farms

Are you in the market for a new home? Are you thinking that you would like something that is brand new and not just "new to you"? Today we are going to feature new homes in Elizabeth City.

Tooley Harbor

Tooley Harbor is a planned waterfront community located on a navigable canal and part of the Pasquotank River. The community contains 400 planned residences and is to be composed in three phases. The planned amenities include private boat ramps, marina, canal & river access, and boardwalks. Visit the link above to see more information about Tooley Harbor.

Creekside Farms

Creekside Farms is located 35 minutes from Greenbrier, 40 minutes from

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golf courses and communities in Hampton Roads

There are quite a number of country clubs / golf communities in Hampton Roads. There are some amazing courses with all different sorts of amenities. As you plan your next move, finding the right community for you is an important step.  

How to find the right golf community for you.

Step one would be to make a list of your "must have" amenities. These are the essentials that are the reasons you are searching to live in these exclusive communities in the first place. With that in hand, it is time to visit our luxury homes site, and a section reserved exclusively for golf community homes, where you can browse through the communities, see the homes and become familiar with the amenities, the lifestyle and the "feel" in each of

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Looking for the hottest rental listings in Hampton Roads? Look no further. Below you can browse our curated selection of rental listings to find the one that meets your specific needs!

In search of Professsional Property Management Services? Visit  TREG's Property Management Services, to research, educate, and inquire. We look forward to speaking with you !


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Hampton Roads and Coastal North Carolina are blessed with some amazing waterfront views. In many of the areas we have quick access to the water, and calming waterscape views that make sunrises and sunsets special here. For many people searching for a home, they would like to know if a home has an ocean view or a view of the bay, or other waterfront view before they schedule a showing.

For those looking for a quick idea which of these amenities comes with each home, let's visit If you go there and look at any of the available listings, you can see not only what type of view the home has (Riverfront, Ocean front, Bay) but you can also see what kind of boat access and other waterfront specific amenities it has:


This makes it

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These days, there are a lot of reasons why you may find yourself looking for a property manager. Maybe you have moved to another state and chosen to rent your home out while you are gone. Maybe you are an investor that was looking to sell a home quickly but are choosing to keep it as a rental. Maybe you have rented a home out for a while but are now facing an eviction or damage to your property. Regardless of the reason, here are some tips to help you be successful in your search.

In general you are looking for a responsible, trustworthy property manager who will:

  • Collect rent and other fees
  • Respond to your renters' needs
  • Handle Day to Day Maintenance Issues Professionally
  • Provide an Accurate Accounting of Profit / Loss. 
  • Work to
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Quick and Low Cost Home Staging

At The Real Estate Group, we have hundreds and hundreds of homes listed at any given time. This means that we see the best home staging "quick fixes" and how well they work to help homes sell. Are you ready for some low cost staging tips that will boost the attractiveness and salability of your home? Here are some of the favorite best practices. Enjoy!

Quick Staging Tip 1: De-personalize your space  - Walk through your home and look for any thing that would give away who you are, your age, or anything about you. Your personal preferences and styles may have a surprisingly dramatic impact on the number of people who are excited to buy your home. A quick coat of paint in a room or otherwise "neutralizing" the space

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Looking for the latest luxury home listings in Virginia Beach? Look no further. Here are the latest luxury listings in the Virginia Beach real estate market. There are some amazing homes here. If you would like to see any of these homes, please contact us via the website or get in touch with one of our professional and helpful associates. They will be happy to arrange showings for you.

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Luxury homes and properties come in a wide range of sizes and styles, but the common thread among them is that the home connects a luxury home buyer to the lifestyle that they love in a very direct way. For horse lovers, their love of all things equine means that a luxury home puts them in close contact with their horses. Fortunately there are quite a number of equine friendly homes to choose from. 

Find Horse Farms by Area as well

We want to make it easy and simple for those who love horses to find their ideal homes and acreage. Here are a few of our featured horse properties to be listed on the market.

We also have prepared a separate luxury homes site, and a section reserved exclusively for horse properties, where you can

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