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A home is where we live and where we spend most of our time. It makes sense that our home environment should be the cleanest and safest environment that we can make it. Below are the top six items in a home that can cause health issues and how to protect yourself and your family.

Mold - What we lump generally into the category of "mold" are actually a really wide variety of "fungi" that enter homes via windows, vents, screen doors, pets or even are tracked in on our feet.  Dry mold ittself does not cause many issues, but mold spores with moisture to feed on grow explosively and  can chause chronic cough and fatigue, eye irritation, headaches, and skin rashes and many other symptoms. Untreated and with prolonged exposure, mold can cause asthma,

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 When you own a home and are relocating to a new duty station, you likely have a couple of choices for your home. While most people will want to simply sell their home, some will want to keep it and rent it out.

Here are some of the considerations that you may want to think about when deciding if renting your home out is right for you:

The potential benefits:

Equity build up

One of the major benefits of continuing to own your home and rent it out is that rental payments will help pay down the balance on your mortgage. This is typically the main reason that military families consider renting out their home when they move. But there are other, less obvious ones.

Is the home in a location where you plan to return?

Often, Hampton Roads

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Regularly changing the air filter in your home furnace and returns seems like a small thing, but simply changing out your air filters can have a large positive effect on your home.

Here is what changing out your filters actually does to the air in your home (and your wallet!)

Costs go down with a cleaner filter. Whether your HVAC system is large or small and no matter how much air flows through it, it is either running or not running. If it is not running, the conditioned air sits around the coils rather than getting pumped through the home. If it is doing that, then you are heating or cooling the same air over and over. Simple as that. And when a clogged air filter slows the air moving out to the home, the air will warm (if the AC is on) and cool

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When considering buying vs renting a home, it is important to recognize that each case is different. You should seek personal professional financial advice for your specific situation. That said, there are several reasons that both from a financial and lifestyle point of view, owning might make more sense.  Below are a few of the top reasons people buy instead of rent.

  • You can take advantage of mortgage rates are at historically low levels. This means that the monthly cost to buy a home vs the cost of renting the same home make ownership much more attractive. Additionally, mortgage payments lock in at a fixed level where rental payments can rise (often as each lease or rental agreement is signed). Since the mortgage payment is the bulk of the
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Waterfront homes and properties come in a wide range of sizes and styles, but each of them offers a serene view of the water. For those who want to see this calming view each morning or right before bedtime, we have an easy way to find your dream home. There are quite a number of waterfront homes to choose from. 

Find Waterfront Homes by Area as well

We want to make it easy and simple for those who love horses to find their ideal homes and acreage. Here are a few of our featured horse properties to be listed on the market.

We also have prepared a separate luxury homes site, and a section reserved exclusively for waterfront properties, where you can browse through equine friendly properties by area all throughout Hampton

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Featured New Home Community:

Albemarle River Estates in Chesapeake VA

Abermarle River Estates in the southern Greenbrier section of Chesapeake VA offers residents lots that are designed to maximize their access to nature. From streams and forest lands, to nature preserves.. it is all here named for the Albemarle, Intracoastal Waterway which touches its border on the south, you can hear the boats quietly pass by and enjoy the streets that have more of a park like feel than a community of homes. 

With all of the nature and green space, you forget that shopping, desirable schools (Oscar Smith High School, Greenbrier Middle School, and Greenbrier Elementary), and boating and the Greenbrier Country Club are nearby and convenient. In many way you

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Sometimes the biggest goals we have for ourselves seem like the most unachievable. They’re more like dreams that could come true in another lifetime, but not something we expect to actualize in the next 5, 10, or 20 years. And because the idea is so lofty, it’s daunting to even put a plan into motion. Where would you even start? 

Let’s say your dream is to own your very own home. The idea of never having to change your address again is liberating, isn’t it? Nevermind the fact that you’d be building equity to further solidify other goals. But where would you start? What’s the first step?

We often bring in industry experts to offer insights into the real estate market for our Associates. On a recent visit, Mark Given, a prominent real estate speaker

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The best relationships are built on trust.  That holds true in both personal and business dealings, including the leasing of property.  Integrity and honesty also pays dividends when you may need flexibility or special consideration from your property manager.

It begins with the application process, when the managing agent will investigate your credit, employment, references, and criminal background in some cases to determine whether you are a qualified candidate for the property.  Perfection is not the standard – so it’s better to be forthright about any issues that might be revealed during screening.  As an example, after the real estate market correction – screening standards were modified to place less weight on foreclosure as a reason to decline

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Indoor Allergies

The allergies caused by pollutants in your home are often the cause of a lot more allergic reactions than you may think.  Even though most people think of "allergies" as being caused by pollen and other outdoor irritants, in the home, the allergic reaction causing particles can often be much more concentrated. That, combined with the amount of time we spend indoors can mean that indoor pollutants can have much more of an impact.

Common Allergens in Your Home

There are a large number of allergic-reaction causing materials in many homes. They range from dust mites to mold to pet dander to pollen. You may ask why include pollen as an indoor allergen? Even though pollen starts outside, one it gets tracked inside your home, the

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Hickory Landing at Edinburgh - Chesapeake VA

Are you in the market for a new home? Are you thinking that you would like something that is brand new and not just "new to you"? Today we are going to feature new homes in Chesapeake at Hickory Landing.

Want the ultimate in new homes search? We invite you to visit .  Here you will find the latest new home listings throughout the entire Hampton Roads area. You will also find it easy to search by new home community to see the features, amenities and options available.  Hampton Roads has many options for new home buyers. Let on of our helpful new home specialists help you narrow down the options and assist you in making your new home dream a reality. 

Hickory Landing in Chesapeake

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