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June 2019

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Few things produce as much benefit to a landlord for the time invested as thorough vetting of potential tenants. The vast majority of payment issues landlords who self-manage encounter can be directly linked to accepting marginal or unqualified applicants. Being disciplined and consistent in evaluating tenant qualifications is key to minimizing the risk of non-payment and other issues after occupancy.

First, a word about fair housing: Above all else, landlords should ensure their qualification policy is consistent with fair housing law at the federal, state, and local level. The federal fair housing law identifies seven protected classes, but states and localities can add more. Washington D.C., for example, has 18 protected traits/categories

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So, you are considering adding a new floor to your home to improve the resale value as well as increase your satisfaction while you live there. Flooring is a home upgrade that is very common these days. The materials available vary widely and done right proper flooring can be a great investment. So what things need to be kept in mind to get the most bang for your buck? Here are 5 of the best:

Tip 1: Prepare the sub floor carefully and correctly. This sounds like a small thing but it is VERY important. No matter the quality of the flooring that you are putting down, if it is on a surface that is damp, or uneven or that has loose material, it will not end well. Taking the time to completely level a floor and really get it right will pay off in the

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Living in a golf community with access to an amazing course and the ability to play often and enjoy the amenities of country club living is an amazing experience. 

Find Golf Homes by Area as well

We want to make it easy and simple for those who love horses to find their ideal homes and acreage. Here are a few of our featured horse properties to be listed on the market.

We also have prepared a separate luxury homes site, and a section reserved exclusively for golf community homes, where you can browse through equine friendly properties by area all throughout Hampton Roads. Check it out today!

Connect with a TREG Golf and Luxury Homes Expert

Needing an experienced guide to help you sort through the options and find the

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Unforeseen repairs are one of the biggest property management headaches

One of the most common worries that people have about renting their home out and becoming a landlord is that inevitable late night call. The air conditioner no longer works. There's a water pipe that has broken that has caused damage to the home. There is a storm and there has been damage to the roof. Any one of these things can make you wish you sold your home rather than rented it out. At moments like this, it can be frustrating to be a landlord.

Of course, the most common worry when one of these calls comes in is, "how much is this going to cost me?" And money rightfully tops the list of our concerns. But there are other factors as well that enter into the picture. One of

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While it is true that these design trends can apply to homes of all ages, when you start the process of planning a NEW home, you feel more free to "color outside the lines" and think more openly about how you are really going to live in your space. Here are some trends we are seeing in many of the local builders, but that we will use the example of a home by Platinum Homes to demonstrate.


Trend 1: Sustainability and Space. The idea is to create open living spaces that look and feel spacious. Furniture and amenities in a living room should be well thought out and have a purpose. The trend is not to go all the way to minimalist, but to create a room that has the space and openness to be comfortable. 

Trend 2: White + Warm Color

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How do I increase curb appeal for my Home?

Curb Appeal is how attractive your home is from the front, to people either driving by in a car or driving by virtually online. The ability of your home to attract attention from someone casually viewing it boosts the value of your home. It gets more people to look at it. It gets more people to be comfortable with it. And the evidence over many years of research shows that more people submit offers and they offer more money for homes with good curb appeal. 


So how do you boost curb appeal on a budget? Here are some Tips.

First of all, a little bit of creativity and work goes a long way! The good news is that almost all of these low cost curb appeal boosters can be done by you or by someone

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Each week new luxury condominiums are listed in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and greater Hampton Roads real estate markets. Are you thinking about owning a second home, a vacation condo or even purchasing one of these condos as a short term rental investment? Take a look at the latest on the market! 

Also if you would like  to see a showcase of all the luxury homes that the area has to offer, visit and check out our luxury condos section today.


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What does an Executor of an Estate Do?

When you lose a loved one, there are a lot of things on your mind. You are grieving, just like many of their other family and friends. You are missing them and wish you could have one more conversation with them, again just like many of their family and friends. The difference is that they have entrusted you to be the executor of their will. This means that you have the sole responsibility and honor of carrying out their last wishes and you also have the obligation of properly handling their remaining assets, including potentially stocks, bonds, cars and their home which is likely the largest asset of theirs.

The honor of being asked to do this can be very rewarding and satisfying. It can actually help you

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Are you considering renting your home rather than selling it? 

There are many times when you move where it may make financial sense to rent out your home rather than selling it. In areas where rent to value ratios favor renting out a home, you may find yourself considering it as an alternative. Usually when this happens, there is one question that pops to the surface:

How much can or should I rent my home for?

The answer to this question is important. The rental value of your home is as important in making this decision as the sales value of your is important to whether to sell it.  An extra $100 per month in rent can make the difference between renting out a home and selling it. And yet it depends on dozens of factors. So it is

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