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July 2017

There are 7 blog entries for July 2017.

If you live in Virginia, or close enough to shop inside its borders, get ready for the Virginia Sales Tax Holiday, from Aug. 4-6, 2017. During that weekend, you can buy qualifying school supplies, clothing, footwear, hurricane and emergency preparedness items, and even Energy Star™ and WaterSense™ products, all without paying the Virginia state sales tax.

The three-day break from Virginia sales tax starts the first Friday in August at 12:01 AM and ends the following Sunday at 11:59 PM. North Carolina repealed their sales tax holidays earlier this year.

Currently, Virginia’s state sales tax is 5.3 percent, so depending on what you need to buy, the savings can add up. 

What items are eligible?

School supplies, clothing, and footwear 

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    The time is right in your life to have your dream home built, so you want to make sure you get the best builder you can. But how do you find the right builder, right now?

    You’ve got to shop around. Finding the right builder for your new home is no different from shopping around for a car. You know what you want, so you check out a few dealerships to see what incentives and prices they each offer. You should do the same for your homebuilder. Jay McKenzie, of, offers 10 ways to help you choose the right home builder.

    1. Define your needs: what size, type and price range of home do you need? Building materials, trade contractors and even the building process itself can differ by type of home, which still affects the price of the home

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    When families buy new homes, it’s not uncommon to start filling them with new furniture, especially if their new houses are larger than their previous. The same goes for their new garages. They aren't buying only tools. Sometimes, it’s also new vehicles.

    July is “Women’s Motorcycle Month.” Many women want to strike out on their own, hitting the open road on their motorcycles and going where it leads them.

    In 1915, Effie Hotchkiss and her mother, Avis, rode from New York City to San Francisco and back. It was the first cross-country motorcycle trip for a woman in history. 

    In those days, a cross-country ride was very rare for either gender, so it was an extraordinary expedition for a young woman and her mother. Effie wanted to see the

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    Even with miles of beaches and shorelines here in Hampton Roads, kids will still claim boredom this summer. To keep that from happening, check out our list of fun, family-friendly summertime events in Hampton Roads. It’ll help keep them entertained and it’ll be family time that’s well spent!


    Creative Writing Classes & Camps for Kids & Teens

    Now through Monday, Aug. 7

    The Muse Writers Center, 2200 Colonial Ave., Ste. #3

    The Muse Writers Center is excited to offer several great classes and creative writing camps this upcoming summer 2017 for young writers (ages 7-8 and 9-11) and teen writers (ages 12-17). Advance registration is required for all courses, and the registration period is now open. For more information, visit The Muse

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    Maintenance requests from tenants and other issues can arise unexpectedly from time to time, so rental properties should have ongoing routine maintenance to keep their equipment in good working order. It becomes easy to ignore things when they’re working properly, but deferring maintenance almost always costs more in the long run. Just as your car requires routine servicing such as oil changes, there are things you can and should do now to ensure your rental property stays in top condition.

    Among the things that should receive attention on a regular basis are ornamental landscaping, roofing and gutters, HVAC systems, oil heating systems, and water heaters. If your property has a pool or spa, professional service is always recommended, as repairs for

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    You may be at a crossroads in your search for a home of, “Should I go for a resale or opt for a brand new house?” A very important factor to consider when you are putting together your pro’s and con’s list is your timeline. Planning is always a good idea, even if you’re certain you’re seeking a resale property. When your thoughts veer towards a new home, the importance of a timeline heightens dramatically.

    Let’s say you’ve made the decision to buy a brand new home because you’ve found a floor plan that fits best for you and the exterior style, colors and finishes all appeal to you so much more than owning someone else’s house. Besides those choices, when you desire to be in the home, making new memories, is something about which you should be

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    The summer and hot weather are here, and with them come requests from the kids to go swimming. That means it’s time to “fish” your swimsuit out of the closet or dresser, grab a friend and head for the nearest pool or body of water. But before you go, make sure you know how to keep your family safe! has the Pool Safety Pledge, for adults and children alike. Drowning is 100 percent avoidable, and their pledge lists the ways to make swimming safe for the entire family.


    • Designate a “Water Watcher,” every single time children in your care are in or near the water. Another safety option would be to have young or inexperienced swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket.
    • Make sure your kids know how to swim.
    • As a
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