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February 2017

There are 7 blog entries for February 2017.

All “Baby-Boomers” and through the miracle of re-runs and Netflix, those much younger; may surely recognize the words from the theme song of the popular 60’s TV sitcom, “Green Acres:"

Green Acres is the place to be
Farm livin’ is the life for me.
Land spreadin’ out so far and wide,
Keep Manhattan; just gimme that countryside!

But for those who don't remember, the conflict was that the husband wanted to move from the big city to live on a farm. The wife, not wanting to leave her penthouse views or upscale department stores, balked at the idea.

That brings us to this question: how many of you have given serious thought to having your home built on an acreage-sized homesite? The thought is, you will have space, a lot more privacy, and a lot more

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The warm weather in Hampton Roads recently has us dreaming of spring. Part of that is planning landscaping and gardens for the coming months. There are numerous online resources to help give you inspiration and information for making this year the best for your yard and garden.

Whether you are in a new home or just looking to revamp your outside surroundings, there is a wealth of information available to Hampton Roads residents without even leaving your house!

This Hampton Roads specific site gives lots of info on lawn and plant care with a focus on protecting our precious waterways. Articles cover fertilizing, native plants, smart water use, and more. This site also features tips on how to “go green” when it comes to your

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Most single family, townhome, and individual condo units are offered to lease for one year or more.  The landlords who own them are frequently small investors who rent a single property or no more than a handful of units.  Annual leases offer a measure of predictability and landlords can budget based on projected rental income over a longer term.  Tenants with longer leases have the security of a fixed term and rent amount plus assurance the lease must be honored even if the landlord’s situation changes. 

There are however circumstances when short-term leases might be attractive.  In weighing which strategy is best for you, consider the advantages and drawbacks to short term leasing:


•    Flexibility – Landlords who want to sell their

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Dear Annie Agent,

We’ve been living in our home for six years, but it’s starting to feel a little small for our growing family. The things that were crucial when we first decided to buy have shifted, and now we need a yard! Walk in closets are nice, but now we have swing set dreams and want a safe, fenced in place to turn the kids and dog loose. What’s your advice on upgrading?


I Dream of a Fenced in Yard 

Dear Fenced in Yard,

Rest assured, a lot of people buy starter homes. They meet all of your needs for years or even decades, and then one day you start noticing all the “For Sale” signs and you catch yourself daydreaming about something like bigger closets and fenced in back yards. It’s completely normal. And we all know how

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Have you ever heard of friends visiting a restaurant and talking about how terrifically cool, hip, and fun the place was to experience? Or heard a co-worker speak of a store they just shopped at and found great bargains, along with trendy, eclectic and varied selections?

Then you recall you’ve been to those same establishments long ago, but haven’t been back in a while. You remember them as reputable, sound businesses, but wouldn’t necessarily describe them with such adjectives? Maybe you should take another look, perhaps?

This could be your story with seeing Summit Construction’s new homes offerings today!

If you saw a Summit home 5, 10 or even 20 years ago, it may surprise you to see what they have to offer currently!

As one of our

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Love is in the air! It’s almost time for the most romantic holiday of the year, so find your heart eye emoji and get ready to make plans! Here are our suggestions for a uniquely Hampton Roads Valentines Day experience.

Open Table

OpenTable is your secret weapon to booking a table for a fabulous meal this Valentine’s Day. You can search times, cities, and expand your results to find a table on one of the busiest date nights of the year. No registration needed to explore, and we love that you can find and make reservations to so many local places, some you might have forgotten as options. See reviews right from the site, or use it as the starting point in your search for the perfect meal! 

Waterside Spirit Cruises

Weekend Before and

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Trends aren’t just for the fashion world- they also shape the interior of our homes. What is going to be hot in the home decorating world in 2017? Check out our list of totally non-scientific predictions for the coming year in the decorating world. We scoured our favorite blogs and decided these would provide plenty of inspiration for your decorating daydreams!

1. Smart Anything

The popularity of smart home technology has grown every year, and there has certainly been a shift from purely functional to functional and stylish, but any system or device that brings tech to your home is a smart decorating idea. And while programmable thermostats are still neat, we love the new smart home lighting systems for cool interiors. Hue is one product program

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