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May 2015

There are 4 blog entries for May 2015.

Everyone loves to save money, but we like to invest in the places we use the most. This time of year, we head outdoors a lot. To add a little charm to the space we gather and grill in, we’ve rounded up some free and inexpensive tips for freshening up your warm weather retreat.

Give it a good once over.

I know this seems basic, but I can tell you from experience that my Adirondack chairs look brand new every spring when I hit them with dish soap and a scrub brush. Pressure washing your deck and siding can also make a big difference. Even just taking a broom to corners and crannies can make a space look neater and more inviting. During pollen season we always take a moment to spray things down before company comes, and everything looks much better

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Memorial Day is coming up this weekend. Hampton Roads tends to come alive with all sorts of summer inspired events and festivals to help stay busy and enjoy a long weekend.

While thinking about the true meaning of Memorial Day, we came across some really great sites that inspired us and gave some perspective on the freedom we enjoy. As a business that serves a military town, we wanted to share as a way to show our appreciation for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

There has been a trend for a few years of “boots on the ground” memorials. Volunteers will gather military boots and lay out incredible temporary memorials to those who lost their lives serving our country.

This video, from Fort Hood, Texas last year, was especially

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After we bought our first home, there was a flurry of activity to get it fixed up. We painted every surface, pulled out carpet, refinished floors, laid new floors where there were none, fixed, scraped, sanded, painted, cleaned, and moved in.

It was an exhausting adventure.  There was a solid yearlong time period where looking at a paintbrush made me feel ill. I vowed to never pick up a paintbrush again.

Now we are three years in. I have picked up many paintbrushes in that time. In fact, just the other day I swung in to my driveway and noticed that the paint was starting to peel just a tiny bit on the side of the house and my only thought was wondering to myself what the best method for removing that old paint would be. I’m still open for suggestions

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Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the special ladies in your life. With so many activities, events, and places to eat throughout Hampton Roads, it should be no problem finding just the right thing to make mom happy. Here are just a few events and places to eat that we think would make time with mom even more special.

If you are still scratching your head about what to give the special mom in your life, head over to our “Mother’s Day Ideas” Pinterest board. We have pinned gift ideas, crafts to make, delicious brunch ideas, and more.

 Local Events

45th Annual Gosport Art Show in Portsmouth- appreciate the beauty of Olde Towne and the talented

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