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January 2014

There are 5 blog entries for January 2014.

 photo superbowl__largegif3_zps9c851a5f.jpg

Another February, another Super Bowl. Sure, you could impress friends and family with your breadth of knowledge concerning the player stats and team’s chances of winning, but wouldn’t you rather be the one with the most random and useless Super Bowl facts? Of course you would! We have collected some trivia to entertain your friends and family during this year’s Super Bowl game.

Did you know?

  • Next to Thanksgiving, the most food consumption in America happens on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Five hundred footballs have been made specifically for this year’s game.
  • The base ticket price for Super Bowl XLVIII is between $500 and $2,600, but many people are likely to pay more on the open market. For the first Super Bowl, the prices were $6, $8 and $12.
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A well-worn debate has been “is it wiser to purchase a home in cash or take out a mortgage?”  Now although the obvious answer seems to be “if you have the cash, pay in full.”, but taking out a mortgage may need another look when a potential home owner is considering buying options.

Paying for a home in full does have its benefits: Eliminating the need of a loan and thus eliminating interest. When it comes to negotiations, those buying with cash will often have the upper-hand when haggling over a home’s price. Completely owning your property can mean being able to use that property as collateral for a loan if ever the homeowner is in need of cash.

Now, notwithstanding, there are also some advantages to taking out a mortgage and things to consider

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 photo mlk_zps9ab0929c.jpg


January 20th is Martin Luther King Day and Hampton Roads is ready to celebrate MLK as a champion of civil rights and a figure of historical significance. There are several free events being held around Hampton Roads. The Virginia Pilot has listed a number of free events in Hampton roads where you can celebrate MLK Day with the entire family.

  • January 16 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Commemorative March and Celebration

This is event is being held at Norfolk State University. The march begins at noon and will precede a historical speaker.  Visit for more information.

  • January 17-18th - Martin Luther King Day of Service

Donations will be collected for the homeless at False Cape State Park in Virginia Beach.

  • The
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 photo winterhomemaintenance_zps5f44f44d.jpg

Unless you truly enjoy the cold weather that we have recently been experiencing here in Hampton Roads, winter can be a down right pain when I comes to home maintenance. Use these tips to ease your winter worries.

  • Trim your trees and remove dead branches. Heavy ice and snow can weigh on limbs causing them to break and damage your home.
  • Clear gutters of debris, so melting snow can flow properly
  • If you own a generator, have it serviced. If you do not own a generator, it would be a good idea to consider purchasing one, in case of power outages that tend be common in the winter.
  • Repair steps and handrails and be sure to salt and clear them to prevent slipping and injuries.
  • Being energy efficient is also a task during the winter months. Proper
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 photo resolutions_zps9bdaf9e4.jpg 

When it comes to making New Year resolutions most of us are fairly confident that this will be the year that we stick to them. Let’s be honest, most of us have forgotten what our 2013 resolutions were. Keeping to your resolutions requires a lot of determination and will power, but it is possible to follow through on those steps to self-betterment if approached in the right manner.

Make your goals realistic:

Resolving to execute a complete overhaul of your life may be a pretty daunting ambition.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Perhaps resolving to make this the year you make your millions might seem a little extreme, but focusing on depositing more each month into your savings may be doable.  

Write them down:

Seriously, who can keep

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