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November 2013

There are 4 blog entries for November 2013.

 photo holidaytraveltrips_zpsc0559c17.jpg

As the holiday season is underway, many will be making a trek to visit family and friends alike to celebrate. Before you set out on your journey, you should be sure that you are well prepared to handle the expected traffic or concerns a holiday traveler might encounter.  

Here are some tips for your travels:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Your holiday journeys don’t have to be a hair-ripping experience. If you are traveling by car, your vehicle should be ready to make the trip. Have it inspected and all necessary maintenance made to ensure a safe drive.

Basic Checklist

Car oil
Head lights
Car fluids

Pack an emergency kit, as well, equipped with some essentials and items that you might need in the event you find yourself in a situation that

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At this time of year, we gather around family and friends to celebrate our thanks and gratitude for what we have. However, we should not forget that there are those less fortunate than us. Some families in Hampton Roads battle hunger and the capability to provide their families with a Thanksgiving dinner that many take for granted.  So, be it time or a donation this year, consider contributing to a local food drive. We have found some food drive events and donation spots where you can support those in need this Thanksgiving.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army will be continuing its annual food drive this year to help provide thanksgiving dinner and supplies to those in need. Last year the drive was able to serve 846 individuals with the help of

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Gutters are essential in protecting the foundation of your house against water damage. In order for gutters to do their job, they have to be cleaned and free of clogs, leaks, or sags.

Falling leaves and steady rain are what gutters are in place for! They will protect the structural integrity of your home but left unchecked, gutters can become their own problem. The most common problem is a clogged gutter. Not only does a clogged gutter render it useless, but the excess of leaves, twigs, and water can make the gutter sag and result in it pulling away from the fascia board. Cleaning the gutters once or twice a year is the most necessary step but more can be done.

Get ahead of the problem and take action with your gutters by inspecting and taking

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Flood Insurance

Are you ready for the flood insurance increases Hampton Roads is expecting?

The Biggert Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012 is triggering large flood rate increases that will drastically affect property values and real estate transactions for the next handful of years.  Over 20% of homes in high risk flood zones will have an immediate significant impact.

So which homes are being affected? The act requires the Federal Emergency Management Agency to phase out all insurance subsidies. The largest group of property owners that have been benefiting from these subsidies are homes that were built in high risk flood zones before the creation of the original federal flood insurance rate maps and building standards, also known as pre-firm homes. For most

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