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July 2013

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In a perfect world, we wish that moving into a new neighborhood would be as easy and joyous as an episode of “I love Lucy” or “Friends”, with colorful characters as neighbors becoming our long-lasting best friends. Unfortunately, reality can be a bit harsher. You may be lucky to find neighbors that don’t belong on an episode of “The Desperate Housewives” or those without a dog who prefers to reserve his/her barking for the hours of 1-5:00 am.

Before you move into your prospective new neighborhood, it’s important to do your homework. A little research can go a long way and spare you a lot of trouble.

Things to think about:

  • VA Crime Rates
  • Near-by School Districts
  • Public Transportation
  • Noise and Traffic

According to an article found on

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While the arts are a crucial part of our culture, they need some nurturing. In all of its forms, art is a vital part of our society. Even as our country experienced the recent economic downturn, artistic events and exhibits, especially film, retained a steady attendance. Why? Because art is a comfort, an escape from the everyday and a mind-feeder. During our most trying times, art flourishes in ways unprecedented. Creativity abounds in every part of the world; however, for it to reach its full potential, we must recognize its significance.  Supporting your local art community benefits you, those pursuing their passion and the community as a whole.

Public art exhibits occur regularly throughout Hampton Roads and are great fun for the whole family.

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    family vacation

    Whether your family likes camping trips or beach vacations, amusement park rides or lazy days by the pool, we all have the same vision when we set out to plan a family trip: Plenty of relaxation with your spouse and kids, and lifelong memories of that quality time together. So why do so many vacations end up stressful, full of arguments, and not nearly as happy as you’d hoped? Keep these five easy tips in mind when you’re putting together your next trip and you could avoid all the drama – and end up with the kind of vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

    Involve the KIDS!

    One sure way to end up with bored kids or cranky teens is to assume they want to see all the same sights you do. So before you pick a destination, book a hotel, or buy tickets to that

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    photo banner


    Chances are that you will be snapping some photos of your summer fun this season. Why not get the most out of your camera?

    Unless you have some experience and expect to expand your knowledge in photography, a professional DSLR probably isn’t your best option. If you are a beginner or someone who uses a camera casually, perhaps a simple point-and-shoot (meaning it functions mostly in an auto-mode) would be a better option for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get high-quality photos of your summer outings. With our helpful photography tips, you don’t have to be a pro to get a great shot.

     The rule of thirds:

    This is a common rule among photographers. Basically, it means dividing the entire frame into three parts across and three parts

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