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Looking for the hottest rental listings in Hampton Roads? Look no further. Below you can browse our curated selection of rental listings to find the one that meets your specific needs!

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The Real Estate Group is proud to be the "Hampton Roads Original" serving the entire region including Northeast North Carolina.  Check out our Newest Listings and you may just find the perfect home for you and your family.  If you would like to see any of these homes, please contact us via the website or get in touch with one of our professional and helpful associates. They will be happy to arrange showings for you.

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Hampton Roads is an area diverse and rich in history and an area that has a large number of events celebrating African American History Month for the entire month of February. Many of these events are open to the public at no cost, but they fill up fast. Here are three FREE events of the many that are happening soon among all the ones in Hampton Roads that still have room for you. 

Home school Discovery Days: African American History Month & Crafts

Home school Discovery Days is an educational opportunity for home schoolers in grades K-5 that celebrates African American History Month with a review of biographies on trail-blazers and leaders. Kids get to create a "hands wreath" of their own with many different skin tones.  and add your own special

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Getting a handle on home organization already has a number of benefits. You can find things more easily, it helps you relax to have and organized home, and allows you to enjoy your home more completely. But if you are getting ready to sell your homes, getting things decluttered and organized the right way can mean more money for your home and a home sold more quickly.

Organizing with style.

The idea is not to simply reduce the amount of stuff that you have. And it is not simply to find a place to put all of your stuff. It is to reduce the items that you are not using and that don't fit into your lifestyle and then find places for those items that do that are functional and that accentuates the style of your home.

Step 1: "Stuff" Reduction /

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So let's say that you are thinking about selling your home. Maybe you are ready to move up to your dream home or you have been in your home a while and have some equity built up. Maybe you just want to make sure that it reaches the widest audience possible. It is likely these days that a percentage of the potential home buyers for your home are younger home buyers (particularly Millennials and Gen Z). So what makes a home more attractive to these buyers? What improvements do you need to focus on to maximize your sales price and net return? Here are some possible answers:

Home Office: Yes

The way we work has shifted. The current generation of home buyers has a much greater likelihood of working from home than ever before. As you prepare (or stage)

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People often come to Hampton Roads expecting to find beaches, waterfront living and a vibrant and historical atmosphere. That is what we are known for, so that makes sense. What they may not be expecting is access to a thriving Arts community that offers residents a wide variety of experiences to choose from. The Virginia Symphony Orchestra is a brilliant example of the rich and broad amount of opportunities that there are.

At a time when many orchestras are falling victim to cutbacks and dwindling participation, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra has a full schedule of events and performances at Venues ranging from the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, Feguson Center for the Arts in Newport News and many

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Chesapeake Planetarium - Educational Opportunities

Would you like to explore the wonders of the world around us?. The Chesapeake Planetarium was built by the Chesapeake public school system and offers public programs and telescope observations.

The Chesapeake Planetarium provides Educational programs to school age children and the general public alike. Each year over 50,000 visitors both young and old enjoy learning about the stars and all that surrounds us. Hampton Roads is home to many museums and other places to learn about science, history and the world around us. It is one of the great things about living here!

The general public programs change monthly and are at 8pm each Thursday night. This months program is "The Edge of Space". There is no cost to attend these programs. They are

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If you or a family member serves in the military, buying a home can bring a lot of opportunities to use the benefits that you have earned. It also is an important time to make sure you get the most out of those benefits. Here a few tips that will help you maximize what you have earned.

VA Home Loan Program and Benefits.

Learn and Understand about VA home loans, its benefits and times when there are better options.

While the VA home loan program is often the benefit most people hear about, and it does provide some significant benefits, it helps some more than others. The first tips is to make sure that you understand how the program works and work with a mortgage professional who really understands the details and can help you through it. Your

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As 2019 draws to a close and we look toward 2020, it’s time to evaluate how your rental property investments have performed and look for ways to improve in the New Year. 

Have you had a tough year with difficult tenants and think it’s time to find new tenants for your home? Maybe you are tired of dealing with repairs, chasing down vendors for estimates and other issues? Perhaps you are dealing with a tenant that is not paying and need collections done correctly.  Maybe keeping up with the ever changing laws and regulations impacting rentals is becoming tedious, or you are not certain your leasing documents are in compliance. Perhaps you’re working with a property manager who is not providing you the level of service you desire.

Let’s Talk


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If you have ever Googled "Virignia Beach Homes" and then looked at the pictures that come up in the search, it is pretty likely that you have seen a picture of Sandbridge Beach.  While Virginia Beach has miles and miles of shoreline, the 4.5 miles of Sandbridge Beach are some of the most photographed and picturesque oceanfront properties in all of Hampton Roads.

Sandbridge Beach has an ideal location

Located at the end of Sandbridge Rd., the oceanfront community of Sandbridge Beach offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Virginia Beach resort area. Given the ideal location, the waterfront homes, there are a large number of vacationers who visit here each summer. They come for the relaxing oceanfront views, the beachfront lifestyle, the

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